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The Best Time to Buy Gold and How It Protects Against Inflation

With nearly a quarter of Americans over the age of 65 having less than $500 in savings to cover medical bills and emergencies, many retirees are turning to gold to combat the effects of inflation and make ends meet.

Buying gold is one of the only options that people have to defend their finances against the burdensome costs of rampant inflation. Historically, gold has always been considered the ultimate safeguard against inflation and economic uncertainty: the two crises currently plaguing the American economy. As the cost of living has increased, gold prices have historically followed.

How fast will the price of gold continue growing?. UBS — the largest Swiss banking institution and private bank in the world — says, “gold will rally by at least a double-digit percentage in 2023.” They, like many other major players in the financial industry, believe that this is the moment that many have been waiting for to enter the precious metals market and capitalize on substantial growth.

When is the smartest time to buy gold?

Diversifying one’s portfolio with precious metals occurs most often during periods of unbridled inflation. This is because unlike dollars, gold tends to retain its value without depreciating, and has historically been a reliable recourse during times of financial catastrophe such as those we face today. For this reason, many industry experts suggest buying gold when inflation hits the market or when a recession is looming, as both signal a rise in gold prices.

While traditional gold buyers have mostly consisted of older, wiser investors, recent trends have supported that younger investors have also begun to diversify their portfolios with precious metals. Gold isn’t likely to be the core of anyone’s retirement plan, old or young. However, it should be. Central banks and virtually all other financial institutions have always maintained considerable gold holdings for the stability and security it provides. It is both the most reliable line of defense against any and all negative economic conditions and an essential component of any robust investment portfolio.

Get started during gold season

According to online precious metals dealer GoldSilver’s analysis of gold prices from 1975 through 2021, the best time of year to buy gold is early January, March, and April, and mid-June through early July. While gold prices rise and fall through the year, investors should remember that the market is driven by supply and demand — competition will drive the price higher.

Tried and tested — Direct Bullion USA

Anyone seeking to weather this storm by investing in gold should get started with Direct Bullion USA by requesting an investment kit to learn more about their potential avenues to calmer waters.

Direct Bullion USA stands by the three principles it was founded on: transparency, education, and fair pricing. It’s why they’ve been voted best in the industry for the last five years in a row by Spears 500, and how they’ve earned the trust of thousands of clients who sleep much better at night knowing they’ve found a company that provides personalized strategies with results they can believe in. To receive your free guides from Direct Bullion USA about the advantages and process of buying gold and silver, visit Direct Bullion USA’s website or call 1-800-757-7050 to speak with an account manager and get started today.

Alternative gold buying strategies

Rather than follow the rise and fall of prices in the precious metals market in an often unsuccessful attempt to make well-timed additions to gold and silver holdings, some investors wisely opt for a piecemeal approach. In simple terms, they purchase gold and silver on a regular, periodic basis. The advantages of this approach are numerous. Most notably, it allows investors to take a cost-average approach with their precious metals portfolio, which often increases the efficiency of their investments by lowering costs.

Speak with a financial advisor to determine if gold is the best option for you before moving forward with a plan to ensure that it is a proper fit for your needs. Gold is considered one of the most dependable long-term investments, but investors desperately seeking immediate short-term gains may need to explore other routes. Financial goals should be set before embarking on any investment journey, and those goals will shape what gold buys look like for each person.

Regardless of circumstance, Direct Bullion USA’s dependable team of in-house industry specialists offer a completely personalized buying service. Their dedicated account managers all work with customers to devise personal strategies that meet their specific needs. Moreover, they are guided by their ‘Gold Standard Customer Service’, believing that a premium product such as gold deserves a premium service. For this reason, they have gained a reputation as one of the world’s go-to companies for confidential, tailored precious metals packages at surprisingly low premiums.


To learn more about Direct Bullion USA or to start investing in gold, visit or reach out on  Facebook  Twitter  to connect on social media and stay up-to-date with market updates about the economy and precious metals.

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