[WallStreetSilver] believes that silver is a highly undervalued asset and that its price is destined to rise. The fundamentals are certainly in their favor.

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Reasons To Buy Silver


The price of gold will start to rise when gold runs out. Goldman Sachs suggest that the world has just 20 years of mineable gold left.

Growing Demand

The demand for physical gold is increasing among central banks, funds, and private investors alike.


Gold has no direct correlation to any of the financial markets however it normally rises when other markets are falling.


Gold and silver bullion can help preserve your wealth over time. This is particularly true in recessionary periods and those of high inflation. Sound familiar?


When you buy gold and silver coins, your purchase information is not shared with anyone.

Growth Potential

Silver has once been as high as $50 per oz. Today it sits much less than that. If demand increases we could see new record highs.



World gold demand
increase this year



Average Return In 
The Last 20 Year



1990 To 2020
Gold Increase


Global Central Banks
hold 35,500 metric tons

Silver Coins or Bars?

Physical silver is normally offered in the form of bars and coins. Silver bullion is regarded as a store of value. Silver bullion is a safe haven asset and can reliably diversify your portfolio, offering protection against a downturn in the financial markets. Silver bullion has always held value because unlike paper money, it can not be debased through quantitative easing. 

When buying silver, many investors choose silver coins over bars. Here is why:

  1. Silver coins are more collectible than bars
  2. Coins are universally recognized, they are easier to resell than bars
  3. Coins are valued as legal tender in the country they are minted
  4. Bullion coins are mass produced and offered at competitive prices

Historically some coins have proven to yield high long-term growth. Gold coin prices are subject to supply and demand meaning the right gold coins can increase significantly in price, sometimes substantially outperforming the gold spot price movements. This can provide a solid foundation for a serious collection and diverse portfolio. 


Bullion is physical gold and silver of high purity; 99.5-99.99%. It is often kept in the form of coins and bars. Once gold ore is removed from the earth, gold is extracted resulting in gold bullion. 

how & why you should buy SILVER bullion

For Centuries, silver bullion has always been used by financial firms, private investors, and banks for its value. Silver bullion has always been one of the most sought-after commodities as the preservation of wealth and purchasing power. The silver price is not directly correlated to other financial assets it provides a viable hedge against a downturn in the markets whilst also acting as a viable inflationary hedge, when there are tough economic periods the silver price normally rises. The price of gold and silver has risen substantially over the last 20 years, this has been a trend that started once aggressive money printing occurred when society moved on from the gold standard. We are currently in a high inflationary period and a global recession is very much on the horizon so it is no surprise that many investors are turning towards gold and silver to protect themselves. It makes sense to diversify by holding at least 20 percent of your assets in precious metals. 

Silver and silver bullion are available to purchase in either bullion bars or bullion coins. Direct Bullion offers bars and coins in almost any size or quantity to investors for physical delivery as well as a wide array of silver bullion that can become part of your Precious Metals IRA portfolio. Silver bullion can be purchased from a local merchant or you can order from a trusted dealer like Direct Bullion USA. A majority of buyers use a trusted online dealer because of the safety, convenience, and security. Normally, online dealers have better prices and are not usually required to charge a sales tax on your purchase. 

American Eagle’s have increased in price with reduced production and increased demand. 

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