Silver IRA with Direct Bullion USA

In recent years, the demand for physical silver has increased substantially. Direct Bullion clients are able to add silver coins to their retirement plans. Contact us to find out more about Silver IRA purchasing and how you can get started with a silver IRA. 

Easy 4-Step IRA Creation Process



Set up your self-directed IRA with one of our trusted custodians and designate Direct Bullion USA as your dealer.



Rollover funds to your new self-directed IRA account. Once available, the custodian will contact Direct Bullion USA.



There are a few options to choose from when it comes to adding precious metals to your IRA.



After the custodian receives the invoice, Direct Bullion USA will securely ship your gold and silver to be vaulted.


Diversifying With a Silver IRA

What Does a Silver IRA Offer?

A Silver IRA will permit physical silver to be held within your IRA. A Self-Directed IRA gives you the ability to buy physical metal and have it stored for you with your IRA custodian. We normally use Equity Trust, but you can select whom you work with. 

Can You Rollover Funds Into a Silver IRA?

If you have a current 401k or IRA in which you have the ability to move funds then you should be able to transfer all or part of the funds into a Silver IRA account. A rollover, or Silver IRA rollover is when you are directly requesting the funds to be moved from your current custodian into your new self-directed Silver IRA account. This transaction will be easy to complete. Click the button below to download the Silver IRA Rollover form. 

Why Choose Direct Bullion USA?

For over 10 years, Direct Bullion has assisted clients who are looking to diversify their funds in precious metals. We are proudly a Spears 500 ‘Top Rated Bullion Dealer’ and offer IRA-approved Silver products that you can add to your Silver IRA. 

How to Get Started With a Silver IRA Through Direct Bullion USA?

We have an in-house team of specialists who will help make the process simple and straightforward for you. An account representative from Direct Bullion will help establish your account with an IRA Custodian. Once we have opened your account with a few details then we will assist with getting your Silver IRA account funded. This process requires a simple form to get in touch with your current custodian and request the funds be moved into your new IRA account. This process varies in time, it can take a few days up until a few weeks. Once the funds are now in your new Self-Directed IRA account with the custodian that you chose, we will generate an invoice to show the Silver IRA-approved metals. Payment will then be made from your custodian to pay for the metals and they will then be shipped to the IRS-approved vault under your name. Now you will hold Silver in your IRA! 

Our Trusted IRA Partners

Our Preferred Self-Directed IRA Custodian

#1 Rated Custodian - Equity Trust

With inflation hitting 40-year highs, wars, and financial uncertainty, it can seem unclear what the future might look like. Our self-directed IRA program backed by physical precious metals can help store and save your purchasing power in physical assets.


Best Overall Self-Directed IRA Custodian 2022 – Investopedia

Our Preferred Depository

#1 Recommended Depository - Delaware Depository

Our preferred depository for self-directed IRAs is Delaware Depository located in Wilmington, Delaware. DD is a Licensed Depository of CME Group and Intercontinental Exchange Inc for gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion.  The vault includes fortified physical structures and UL-rated vaults. Customer assets are continuously audited by internal and external auditors. 


  • $1 Billion in all-risk insurance
  • State-of-the-art security systems
  • Class 3 vaults
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