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‘God have mercy on us all’ – Robert Kiyosaki

As we close out 2022, it has been a pretty tough year for most investors. Many investors have seen their retirement accounts plummet as stocks and bonds have retracted from their high points.

This could just be the start as the Rich Dad Poor Dad author suggests.

“I believe the economy is currently the biggest bubble in recent history.” he states. “God have mercy on us all.” He tweeted.

Now prices of many financial assets have cheapened, many investors might be tempted to buy the dip. It could seem like a good idea to buy TSLA now it’s less than half the price. Kiyosako suggests to steer very clear of this.

“I would get out of paper assets.” Here’s what he suggest doing instead.

Gold and Silver

Gold and silver have always been a very popular hedge when facing inflation and uncertainty. Gold and Silver can’t be excessively printed by the fed and the values reflect this; steady and true.

Kiyosaki has always been a long term believer in gold and silver. He states “I’m not buying gold because I like gold, I am buying gold because I don’t trust the fed.”

The quote by the 31st President of the United States, Herbert Hoover comes to mind. “We have gold because we cannot trust the government.”

He likes silver, too. The author called the current silver prices ‘a bargain’ recently. So it might be time to start stacking silver coins.

Both gold and silver closed the day up. Gold $1806 and Silver $22.80. This could be the first of many significant moves for both metals as we close out the year.

What to do next

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